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Even Gods from above have tried
But shattered dreams cannot be mended
There are multiple cities where
Dreams have turned to nightmares
Amber lights shine on last
Nights leftovers, feast for rats
The stench of drains brimming
With the nights vomits
An open shutter banging
Against the peeling wall
People come and go
Move aimlessly to and fro

A lone orphan light shines
On the platform waiting
A cat shies away from a shadow
Arching back , rising hair , yowling
The track slimy with grime
And ejected remains , half digested
The train slithers in opening
Its maws spewing out passengers
The heavens open , as if we need more
Tears in this dystopia
People come and go
Move aimlessly to and fro

There is nowhere to run
But crashing into filth
Walking in heels too high, in fishnet
A child smoking , an easy prey
Searching trash cans for morsels
Mother desperate to feed her young
The smog transmuting into
Denizen from hell
Dreams are a miasma
Nightmares a reality
People come and go
Move ai…

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