Saturday, 22 April 2017

Japanese Choka

                                                  Shinto Myth  

Izanagi in

white robes did glow in goodness

master of the sky

keeper of the divine light

Izanami in

black robes radiated dark

mistress of the earth

They walked down the rainbow

To make Japan of today

                        By : Lalarukh Lasharie

Friday, 21 April 2017

Overheard Phrase


It was heard five times a day every day

We were called to come together to pray

In my childhood , part of accepted fact

With God a closeness an enduring pact

Allah - o - Akbar

Now over time a different usage

Part of a picture of pain and outrage

Stoning of Mashal in a fever , rage

Mob rule and uncontrollable carnage

Allah - o - Akbar

The next generation of believers

May your memories remain forever

Untainted and innocent over time

Never see pain and grief in your lifetime

Allah - o - Akbar

Do not use my Gods name in vain

This has to stop ! This is insane !

Allah - o - Akbar

                * Mashal Khan killed by stoning by his peers

                   Student of Abdul Wali Khan University April 13 , 2017

                                                               By : Lalarukh Lasharie

Wednesday, 19 April 2017



When the world can be in your palm

But stay ! It is not yours or mine

But of humans since time immemorial

When did we get the right to create ?

Wordsworth speaking to nature

Marcel Duchamp's urinal

Van Gogh's sunflowers and Homer's Iliad

The creator reaching out to Micheal Angelo

Keats his odes and Shakespeare his worlds

The wasteland , red wheelbarrow , green glass

Is it delusion or suspension of disbelief

When anything and everything is possible ?

                                  Lalarukh Lasharie


Tuesday, 18 April 2017



Sulicious spread of passerts

Passing on asslines

I mubble and drilurp

Until totuffed !

Sulicious :  Super + delicious

passert     : Pastry + dessert

asslines    : assembly lines

mubble    : munch + gobble

drilurp    : drink + slurp

totuffed  : totally stuffed

Monday, 17 April 2017




In the night when the winds whisper and blow

Shadows sway and dance in my dark bedroom

A paper moon swings among the branches

I rise up, look down on myself sleeping

Pirouette with my floating ballet troupe

They dissolve and vanish but reappear

Turn into a mist , slide through a window

Become a fairy light in the garden

Twinkle and shimmer on purple violets

Throw a lasso on stars , pull them nearer

Rise up and glide on the billowing cloud

Reaching up to perch on the crescent moon

Doze off and tumble down slip into clouds

Bump on stars , land among the dancing lights

Into my soft bed , inside my body

                         by : Lalarukh Lasharie


                        To BIG PHARMA

Dear Sir , its good to know you are doing so well

It must be due to the prayers you have collected

After all you are in the business to save lives

People live longer but do not have better lives

After all who can earn from a dead patient ?

Can we say Sir , you are in the business of extending misery ?

How is it that natural remedies do not get funding ?

Any new or cheaper drug never gets to see the light of day ?

Because you Sir are in the business of taking not giving !

How jealously you guard your drug compositions

God help the company which makes a cheaper version

You are in the business of safe guarding your brand

God help the person who can't afford it

Because you can never help the needy

You Sir are in the business of making money !

                         Lalarukh Lasharie

Saturday, 15 April 2017




Stopping where the twin rivers flow

The banks on which moss and ferns grow

Peaceful calm , a time to reflect

Image dissolves I recollect

Peeping through half open doorway

Tender moments happy thoughts lay

I try to push the door open

My future which will soon happen

I feel chilled to my bone

Life a mystery in monotone

My life poem I tear and throw

In the rivers turbulent flow

I resume my journey forward

One step a time slowly onward

                   Draft : Lalarukh Lasharie