Thursday, 30 April 2015

Day 30 :

Dirty Laundry

It is what it is and remains forever

Dirty laundry.

Swaddle in clean sheets, and to ward

Off foul scents, add sweet lavender.

We store it for the next spring cleaning

In the deepest darkest cupboard.

It's an open sore, even if we inject

All manner of cleaning and dusting.

To add insult to injury,

We pick at it, scratch the scab,

Cover it and patch the wounds

Like a pet project!

It gives a distinct smell of neglect

And distrust, we can tell the years

Have made it difficult

To remove the stain.

Every once in a while

We open our eyes to a pile

Of dirty laundry shoved

Under the carpet, having festered

Over the years.

Prompt: Take your own poem and rewrite it

starting from the ending and ending with the


Original poem:

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Day 29:

Life in Review

When I look back, I shake my head

And wake up, startled by my grief.

Very long ago in my life,

I had decided that in life

I would never let anyone

Come near me, touch me, or be mine.

Sitting by your body, trying

To hold back the tears, I look back,

At my life, I know the choices

I made of letting you be the one to

Come near me, touch me, or be mine,

Was the right one.

Day 28 :


I remember holding hands and

Walking to the other side alone.

Now you are there and I am here,

No bridge to cross and meet again.

The river crawls with writhing

Snakes and rising, smelling lava.

They have slithered up the supports

Over the beam and up the arch.

If I had known that instance of

Leaving your hand was the last time

I would ever see you, touch you.

I would have burnt all my bridges

Keeping you near me forever.
Day : 27

The Hay(na)ku


Pitter patter,

Makes an ocean.

Prompt :

The Hay(na)ku is a variant of the Haiku. It consist of three line stanzas,

the first line has one word, the second two and the third three lines.

We can write one stanza or string along more to make a sonnet like

Vince Gotera. This form was invented by Eileen Tabios and named by


Monday, 27 April 2015

Day 26 :


They keep saying I like canned spinach!

Eating it direct from the can, gives me the hives.

Lifting those weights makes my arms twitch.

Olive Oyl behaves like one of the fishwives!

Could they have given me a prettier girlfriend?

At least, to have suited me as her boyfriend!

Well these cartoonists just don't have the taste,

To make proper pairs, nor proper hairdos 

Instead of foundation she is slathered with paste!

One thing that would help is a bit of booze.

At least make my voice melodious,

So my thoughts of being a frog is baseless!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Day : 25



He looks on us as easy prey.

Blinking with those big almond eyes,

He has been known to change his guise!

Day 24 :

Love Song

Come let us move, you and I

Now that the morning sun is spreading its arms.

Like a joyous patient awake on a gurney;

Let us walk on shiny newly fallen dew.

The chirping magpies

Harking back to peaceful, and sweaty nights

And cheerful cafes with fluttering curtains;

Driving on the highway, mesmerised

By the passing white lines.

Which leads us to the reason of existence

Please don't ask " What is it ? "

Let us just move on in our lives.

In this life people come and go

Swapping stories of long ago !

Prompt : Parody of a famous poem

Poet : T. S. Eliot

Poem : The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock