Thursday, 30 April 2015

Day 30 :

Dirty Laundry

It is what it is and remains forever

Dirty laundry.

Swaddle in clean sheets, and to ward

Off foul scents, add sweet lavender.

We store it for the next spring cleaning

In the deepest darkest cupboard.

It's an open sore, even if we inject

All manner of cleaning and dusting.

To add insult to injury,

We pick at it, scratch the scab,

Cover it and patch the wounds

Like a pet project!

It gives a distinct smell of neglect

And distrust, we can tell the years

Have made it difficult

To remove the stain.

Every once in a while

We open our eyes to a pile

Of dirty laundry shoved

Under the carpet, having festered

Over the years.

Prompt: Take your own poem and rewrite it

starting from the ending and ending with the


Original poem:

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Day 29:

Life in Review

When I look back, I shake my head

And wake up, startled by my grief.

Very long ago in my life,

I had decided that in life

I would never let anyone

Come near me, touch me, or be mine.

Sitting by your body, trying

To hold back the tears, I look back,

At my life, I know the choices

I made of letting you be the one to

Come near me, touch me, or be mine,

Was the right one.

Day 28 :


I remember holding hands and

Walking to the other side alone.

Now you are there and I am here,

No bridge to cross and meet again.

The river crawls with writhing

Snakes and rising, smelling lava.

They have slithered up the supports

Over the beam and up the arch.

If I had known that instance of

Leaving your hand was the last time

I would ever see you, touch you.

I would have burnt all my bridges

Keeping you near me forever.
Day : 27

The Hay(na)ku


Pitter patter,

Makes an ocean.

Prompt :

The Hay(na)ku is a variant of the Haiku. It consist of three line stanzas,

the first line has one word, the second two and the third three lines.

We can write one stanza or string along more to make a sonnet like

Vince Gotera. This form was invented by Eileen Tabios and named by


Monday, 27 April 2015

Day 26 :


They keep saying I like canned spinach!

Eating it direct from the can, gives me the hives.

Lifting those weights makes my arms twitch.

Olive Oyl behaves like one of the fishwives!

Could they have given me a prettier girlfriend?

At least, to have suited me as her boyfriend!

Well these cartoonists just don't have the taste,

To make proper pairs, nor proper hairdos 

Instead of foundation she is slathered with paste!

One thing that would help is a bit of booze.

At least make my voice melodious,

So my thoughts of being a frog is baseless!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Day : 25



He looks on us as easy prey.

Blinking with those big almond eyes,

He has been known to change his guise!

Day 24 :

Love Song

Come let us move, you and I

Now that the morning sun is spreading its arms.

Like a joyous patient awake on a gurney;

Let us walk on shiny newly fallen dew.

The chirping magpies

Harking back to peaceful, and sweaty nights

And cheerful cafes with fluttering curtains;

Driving on the highway, mesmerised

By the passing white lines.

Which leads us to the reason of existence

Please don't ask " What is it ? "

Let us just move on in our lives.

In this life people come and go

Swapping stories of long ago !

Prompt : Parody of a famous poem

Poet : T. S. Eliot

Poem : The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Day 23:

The Fool

You are the fool but forever cool.

The face you show is different

From the one hidden.

The sun always shines on you,

So what if you stand on a precipice.

The faithful dog follows the leader,

Not aware of the duality.

Sometimes a dopey minstrel,

At others a sarcastic wit!

Is he standing on head or heels?

Day 22:

Ode to Spring

Spring quickens and awakens those in death

It gives birth to tender leaves and new buds

Rain falls on plants, blows on them a new breath.

The pitter patter turns to thundering floods,

Of destruction there is no lasting fear.

It rejuvenates the ground, their life blood.

Flowers bloom, birds lay eggs, springs sparkle clear

The earth wears a plush green carpet of grass.

This shimmering spring comes once every year.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Day 21 :


Sometimes the sunrise is such a surprise,

It peeps through the clouds, a smile in its eyes.

There you are, caught again, quite unaware!

But you are such a delight, such a prize!

Morning breeze swayed, to display its ware

It wafted up the scents of blooms, with care,

Trying hard not to show, competition

To the rising sun, cautiously beware.

What is the sunrise without intention

To join the morning breeze, an expression

Of itself, two sides of the only face,

Glimpse of the facade of his mansion!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Day 20:


My meditation help is a bagel and coffee.

The highest consumption at 2.4 cups is Netherlands.

The lowest consumption at 0.008 cups is Pakistan.

Our daughters are married, we are alone.

95,000 elderly in America,

Will be on streets by 2050.

I went to a poetry reading on Saturday.

There are only ten English language

Poets published in Pakistan today.

I had an allergic reaction to clam chowder at Pier 39.

Protein in some shellfish is a common

Cause of allergy in adults.

There is a Supreme Being to whom we pray.

95 % of the world population

Believes in a Supreme Being.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Day 19 :


1: An old one!

White rooster crowing on the rooftop.

Girl with the purple veil, a boy is in love with you.

2: A new one!

 Two seeds of the red pomegranate.

Eyeless he lost a nation, body less never had one.

Day 18

Peshawar Massacre 

It was ten thirty or so after

Cold chilly sixteenth of December

Quiet, so quiet in the auditorium

First aid workshop before the bedlam.

Chechen, three Arabs and two Afghan

Suicidal gang, deadly Taliban.

Scaling the walls, cutting the barb wire

Running up the stairs and open fire.

Do not elevate them with a name,

They are scums who play a deadly game.

Killing innocent, happy children,

Sadistic killers on a thrill run.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Day 17

             Cisco in Spring

Cisco is abuzz with poetry

And spring festivals.

And why not it is April!

Jazz and poetry at The Top of The Mark

On Mason Street

And the Beat Museum on North Beach.

The Earth Day on the Mission Street.

Or just sit and sip chai latte under

The blossoms at Union Square!

Browse through the art work there.

A walk through the Cherry Blossom

Festival in Japan Town.

Sit at the harbour enjoying clam chowder

Watch the seals frolic and sunbathe.

Drive through Lombard Street

Go dizzily down the gardens.

Cisco is a never ending roller coaster

And this was just a week in spring!

Day 16

             Writers' Block

This poem is about a writers' block

Images fleeting but not concrete

Playing hide and seek, hard to unlock

To write in triplets without conceit

And hope to conclude with a quatrain

Leads towards an erratic heartbeat.

The pattern and meter is engrain

Villanelle, terza rima hybrid

How do I wipe my cheeks of tear stain

Help! Oh help! to get the poem crafted

One quatrain and five three-line stanza

In the sauce of iambics blended.

The recipe for coca cola

Hidden but to the chosen, in form

Goat cheese and arugula on pizza

I have tried but I cannot reform

Terzanelle, it may someday knock

On my door, but till then it feels warm

Creating in a comatose shock!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Day 15


When I write I throw away caution

Soar as free as a bird, as carefree

What do you find in my creation

Food for thought under a shady tree?

As I grow old I am more in tune

With myself, the words shine in the poem

To barbs and taunts hopefully immune

A beacon of hope, a shiny totem

Find me here

I live near

My thoughts fly on wings of butterfly

To you softly, if not plucked will die

Prompt: Write a poem that addresses itself or some aspect of its self 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Day 14

              The Marriage Dowry 

The worlds riches at her door

Why not give it to the poor?

Six functions, venue bookings,

Bridal dresses, gold and diamonds,

Fifty trousseau dresses, lavish buffets

Make up artists, hair stylists, event manager,

Furniture, electronics, dishes, cutlery,

Gifts for the family

Gifts for the groom

Gifts for the ------

What are you getting in return?

A happily married daughter!

A future secured!

How long can monetary dole-outs keep her secure?

Will they appreciate her without her dowry?

Are you handing her over on a golden platter?

Why not give the money to the needy?

Or would you rather give it to the greedy?

Prompt: The father and his conscience ( two conflicting voices )

Monday, 13 April 2015

Poem 13


It is what all bards seek

Elusive and yet near

It is what artists seek

Ethereal, will-o-wisp

Its why we choose to write

It is why we make books

Covered in a mantle

Self gratification

But never the less it

Is what we always seek
Day 1

                Poetry of Negation

It is not a roll on newly fallen snow
Nor a warm cuddle by the fireside

Drinking bowls of soup and chowder

Eating plates of what-you-will

It is not always a happy ending

The good, the bad walk hand in hand

It is not a bed of roses, softly strewn

The thorns, the flowers are hand in hand

It is not always a seven year itch

Might be yearly, monthly or daily

It is not as though she is a slut

Or he a two-timer

Stop playing catch

Stars don't match