Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Red Lines


You draw a red line
No one can cross
I draw a red line
No one can cross
When we face each other
You cross mine and I yours
Now the lines are between
And behind us
We stand facing outwards
Back to back
You and I draw another line
Which no one can cross
We move forward
And draw another
Ad infinitum
We have drifted...
Far apart
Which line was more important
Yours or mine

Lalarukh Lasharie

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Let us name the dead

To honor the dead of drone attacks:


I have walked among the dead
My eyes shut
We are the dead
Let us name the dead
They are you and I

2537 dead
Trust us!
These are bad guys we are killing!
Only militants
No combatants
No collateral damage

Let us name the dead
Sakina, Bano, Amjad, Gul Mohammad...

These deaths will haunt us
As long as we live
No boots on the ground
No tanks, no seals
Only hawks raining fire
No humans, just robots

Let us name the dead
Zainab Bibi, Fatima, Imran, Fazal Jan...

Single strikes are obsolete
Doubles are all the rage
Just to make sure, you see.
How pathetic, they congregate
For rescue and mourning!
Strike again! Just to make sure

Let us name the dead
Baby Noor, Faiza, Ayesha, Afzal Khan...

Reaper Drones
We weep when we sow
The grimmest reaper.
Surgically precise
And an effective tool.
This is a false narrative!

Let us name the dead
Ayub, Khadija, Ejaz, Dilawer, Zarina...

I have walked among the dead
My eyes shut
We are the dead
Let us name the dead
They are you and I

 ©2014 January.

Lalarukh Lasharie  

Thursday, 20 March 2014


A pastiche poem.


The emptiness is full of light
Ending with the “experience” of life
That is   solemn we have ended
Feign a great calm; all gay transport soon ends
I’m reauthoring the text
Copayment, Outplacement
The end of the road is a flower which walks with you
As SLow aS Possible
In art I saw career; in poetry I saw possibility
Something good will come out of all things yet
A poet might become a breed of technician
All to no end save beauty – the eternal –
The voyage of the soul – not life alone
Beginning at the end as we must
I turn and give my tale an end
I could use another ending
Is it the beginning or end?
What have we done!

 ©2012  September

Lalarukh Lasharie

       Each line is taken from the following: 

1.      Song of Ending by Frank O’Hara
2.      Interview with Ashbery conducted by Daniel Kane
3.      Ending by Emily Dickson
4.      An Ecstasy is Inconvenient by Lorine Neidieker
5.      Erica Baum on Dog Ears:  An interview with Mousse
6.      Albany by Ron Silliman
7.      Way by Tristan Tazara
8.      Organ2/ ASLAP composed by John Cage
9.      The End of History by Kenneth Goldsmith
10.   Big Sur by Jack Kerouac
11.   The Xenotext Experiment: An interview with Christian Bok
12.   The Crowd at the Ball Game by William Carlos Williams
13.   Gliding Over All by Walt Whitman
14.   Revelation by Cid Corman
15.   The Not Tale (Funeral) in Meddle English by Caroline Bergvall
16.   Screen Test for Another Colonoscopy by Michael Magee
17.   Two, Three by Rae Armantrout
18.   The End of the American Century by Allen Ginsberg

Decided to finally start publishing poetry  so here goes. This poem was written using the poetic devices of Walt Whitman.

                                             THE LINES 

The lines will lead you down memory lane
What is mine is yours, what is yours is mine 
With the scatter of blossoms on grassy knolls
With the pressure of the child in a mother’s womb
With the sparkle of the stream, trout which burst forth
With the swirl of planets, which speed towards dreamy infinity
Stop! Listen!
The hum of a woodland brook, the beat of a woodpeckers drum
The rustle of weeping willows, the hoot of the barn owl
They sing of songs long forgotten
Incessant serenades
Of love, pure and strong
Now ours, once yours and mine
I know that you live in the woods, the mountains and the streams
I know that your perfume pervades my senses
I know you in the stretches of the imagination,
I feel you, walking by my side
I commune with you, sing for you this-

 ©2014 March

Lalarukh Lasharie