Decided to finally start publishing poetry  so here goes. This poem was written using the poetic devices of Walt Whitman.

                                             THE LINES 

The lines will lead you down memory lane
What is mine is yours, what is yours is mine 
With the scatter of blossoms on grassy knolls
With the pressure of the child in a mother’s womb
With the sparkle of the stream, trout which burst forth
With the swirl of planets, which speed towards dreamy infinity
Stop! Listen!
The hum of a woodland brook, the beat of a woodpeckers drum
The rustle of weeping willows, the hoot of the barn owl
They sing of songs long forgotten
Incessant serenades
Of love, pure and strong
Now ours, once yours and mine
I know that you live in the woods, the mountains and the streams
I know that your perfume pervades my senses
I know you in the stretches of the imagination,
I feel you, walking by my side
I commune with you, sing for you this-

 ©2014 March

Lalarukh Lasharie


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