A pastiche poem.


The emptiness is full of light
Ending with the “experience” of life
That is   solemn we have ended
Feign a great calm; all gay transport soon ends
I’m reauthoring the text
Copayment, Outplacement
The end of the road is a flower which walks with you
As SLow aS Possible
In art I saw career; in poetry I saw possibility
Something good will come out of all things yet
A poet might become a breed of technician
All to no end save beauty – the eternal –
The voyage of the soul – not life alone
Beginning at the end as we must
I turn and give my tale an end
I could use another ending
Is it the beginning or end?
What have we done!

 ©2012  September

Lalarukh Lasharie

       Each line is taken from the following: 

1.      Song of Ending by Frank O’Hara
2.      Interview with Ashbery conducted by Daniel Kane
3.      Ending by Emily Dickson
4.      An Ecstasy is Inconvenient by Lorine Neidieker
5.      Erica Baum on Dog Ears:  An interview with Mousse
6.      Albany by Ron Silliman
7.      Way by Tristan Tazara
8.      Organ2/ ASLAP composed by John Cage
9.      The End of History by Kenneth Goldsmith
10.   Big Sur by Jack Kerouac
11.   The Xenotext Experiment: An interview with Christian Bok
12.   The Crowd at the Ball Game by William Carlos Williams
13.   Gliding Over All by Walt Whitman
14.   Revelation by Cid Corman
15.   The Not Tale (Funeral) in Meddle English by Caroline Bergvall
16.   Screen Test for Another Colonoscopy by Michael Magee
17.   Two, Three by Rae Armantrout
18.   The End of the American Century by Allen Ginsberg


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