Day 14

              The Marriage Dowry 

The worlds riches at her door

Why not give it to the poor?

Six functions, venue bookings,

Bridal dresses, gold and diamonds,

Fifty trousseau dresses, lavish buffets

Make up artists, hair stylists, event manager,

Furniture, electronics, dishes, cutlery,

Gifts for the family

Gifts for the groom

Gifts for the ------

What are you getting in return?

A happily married daughter!

A future secured!

How long can monetary dole-outs keep her secure?

Will they appreciate her without her dowry?

Are you handing her over on a golden platter?

Why not give the money to the needy?

Or would you rather give it to the greedy?

Prompt: The father and his conscience ( two conflicting voices )


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