Lost and Found


It was with me while travelling out of Upper East Side

Through trees showering blossoms in Central Park

But near the entrance of Harlem , it struck me ,

The earth shaking discovery , I was holding ,

Seriously but I was ! A straw satchel

Where was my Birkin ?

As I stepped into those haloed halls I knew I had made it

The salespersons fawned and simpered

You know Madam we always keep them in special rooms

Air-conditioners and humidifiers so there is no spoilage

Or did he say dehumidifier ? I was too over the moon

Anyway he was wearing special soft gloves

Brought out a box , put it on the table

Started removing paper wrappings , cloth wrappings

Gently took out the baby so we could fall in love

He presented the red crocodile to me !

What should I do?

Call the Police ?

How will my friends in UES react ?

I felt so diminished !

But we were by than on home ground

There was no sign of the straw satchel

The Birkin was on my lap

And all was well with my world

                        Draft by Lalarukh Lasharie


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