Overheard Phrase


It was heard five times a day every day

We were called to come together to pray

In my childhood , part of accepted fact

With God a closeness an enduring pact

Allah - o - Akbar

Now over time a different usage

Part of a picture of pain and outrage

Stoning of Mashal in a fever , rage

Mob rule and uncontrollable carnage

Allah - o - Akbar

The next generation of believers

May your memories remain forever

Untainted and innocent over time

Never see pain and grief in your lifetime

Allah - o - Akbar

Do not use my Gods name in vain

This has to stop ! This is insane !

Allah - o - Akbar

                * Mashal Khan killed by stoning by his peers

                   Student of Abdul Wali Khan University April 13 , 2017

                                                               By : Lalarukh Lasharie


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