Poem: 2-4-2014

Poem about Myths and Legends

How The Mighty Have Fallen

When myths and legends merge with reality
Boundaries disappear become hazy.
I have walked the earth since Adam
Of smokeless scorching fire made.
Your Qarin, friend and whisperer
Testament of Solomon points to our enslaver.
To ward me off, verses were recited,
In temples I was worshipped.
Now I am part of the popular culture
Thrice Bartimaeus was my disciple
Starred in Wish-master, Kazaam
Cameos in X-Files, Supernatural, Charmed
Captured the games in Final Fantasy, Guild Wars
Hit the charts in, Genie in a Bottle
Made a caricature of in Aladdin and Duck Tales.
Does this perchance suggest a decline
In mankind’s perception of me?

 ©2014 April

Lalarukh Lasharie


  1. Oh, that was great. Your references hit a particular spot in this geek, haha (especially your mention of Wishmaster, Bartimaeus and Final Fantasy). Great tongue-in-cheek take on the time-parodied djinn.


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