Poem: 26-4-2014

A curtal sonnet ( invented by G. Manley Hopkins ), form is a sestet, a quatrain and a half-line 6+4+1/2, rhyme scheme is abcabc  dbcdc 


Right behind the house is a stream
Across which starts the woodland
Under the tall trees is an ethereal glow
Afar a dead stillness, a soft daydream
Ahead a doe watches, than sprints inland
Behind me the stream’s lazy, slow flow

I close my eyes, open my third and walk
Birds sing, bees hum, happily painted land
The stream is a torrent, and the winds blow
The trees sway, whisper and poem-talk
                         Open the third eye below!

 ©2014 April        

Lalarukh Lasharie


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