Poem: 22-4-2014

Dirty Laundry

Every once in a while
We open our eyes to a pile
Of dirty laundry shoved under
The carpet, having festered over
The years. It gives a distinct smell
Of neglect and distrust, we can tell
The years have made it difficult
To remove the stain. To add insult
To injury, we pick at it, scratch
The scabs, cover it and patch
The wounds, like a pet project.
It’s an open sore, even if we inject
All manner of cleaning and dusting.
We store it till the next spring cleaning
In the deepest, darkest cupboard
Swaddle in clean sheets and to ward
Off foul scents, add sweet lavender
It is what it is, and remains forever
Dirty laundry.

 ©2014 April

Lalarukh Lasharie


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