Poem: 24-4-2014

Poem involving masonry!

Roof Over Our Heads!

What is the importance about a roof
Over our heads? A roof of hard concrete
Solid, pre-cast, stable, immovable
But my roofs are trees, ever expansive
All encompassing, gathering to the womb
Of mother earth. Its wide branches swaying,
Dancing in the breeze, moving to the beat
Of invisible wind-drums, not air-tight
Sealed coffins for our material times
To keep wealth in, health and happiness out
Build roof over roof, trying to touch the sky,
This is unattainable through money
Milestones moves further as they move nearer.
Lying under my roof, the sun filters
Shines with falling rain, each drop divided
By leaves, fall as sprays, refreshes my face.
Why do we want to be hedged in and
Confined by unnatural fixed roof?
We have grown to like artificiality
It stops our souls from rejuvenation
It stops it from reaching for the skies
From touching the stars, the open heavens.
To the concrete coffin, a millstone
Let me prefer the roof of the heavens
As a roof over our heads!

 ©2014 April

Lalarukh Lasharie


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