Hind Sight

I never can say life is difficult
It seemed to have passed me by
When we arrive late and wait
For an elusive dream which has fled
What would you do ? Chase after it?
Or maybe sit , wait for another ?

I walked up the gut wrenching mountain
Believe me it was back breaking work
At the top I was all alone
Family and friends mere specks below
Can you hear them calling ?
I can't ! My mind is numb

Can we turn back and hold on ?
Like holding on to water
The more you grip the more it bleeds
Turning the world red in the sunset
I have reached the cliffs edge
Waves crash on stones of razors edge

Is it easier to end it without hope ?
Or give hope to others by staying ?
What if there is no one ?
But you , we feel the breeze floating
As dolphins swimming
Checking the horizon , you and I

                                        © Lalarukh Lasharie



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