Kaat Shiyal er Biyah

                       The Wedding Of The Wooden Fox

Mr. Shiyal was a wily little fox
He was eager to marry his maiden fair
But being frugal and a miser to boot
His heart would breakout into palpitations
Thinking of the Biyah feast
But being needy and greedy to boot
His would start to dance,breakout into a song
Thinking of the Biyah presents
Thus he hatched a plan with his co-conspirators
The smiley sun and the leaky rain
All the denizen of the forest
Were his honored guests
Bearing gifts of splendor never seen
Colorful boxes piled high on velvet tables
Mr. Shiyal was besides himself with joy
Thanking everyone , he bade them sit
At the table set out for the Biyah feast
The sun shone merrily
The respected guest were seated
First a pitter than a patter
The rain began, in combo with cats and dogs
But the sun shone merrily on
The guests scattered , ran for shelter
Some for dens, others for barrows and nests
Mr. Shiyal danced gleefully , ecstatic
The rain did not affect his body made of Kaat
So this tale is told when the rain falls
And the sun shines merrily on

                                © Lalarukh Lasharie


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