My Origin


When was our origin ?
What was our origin ?
How did it start over time ?
It happened and became us

It forms our essence
It happens when a mother first looks at her baby
When a father helps it take its first steps
The love which is its childhood memory

My mother would comb my unruly locks
While gently scolding me for my pranks
I would quietly listen knowing
There was nowhere to run

The first time I felt alone
Was when I stood forlorn on the steps
Of the convent with my suitcase
As they left me to study

My origin is in seeing
The shot body of my father
My origin is in caring for my mother
Watching her die in tiny moments

Its the DNA passed on by our ancestors
The faith which flows through our souls
Each incident in life strung like a double helix
Which makes us what we are

If this becomes unravelled
I will scattered into nothingness
My soul will float away
For in my origin lies my being

                      © Lalarukh Lasharie


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