Learn to Fly

Day 6 :
Note  : Line breaks

                          LEARN TO FLY

How did I miss
The alarm !
Getting the kids ready
Wash , feed , clothes , school bags , lunches
Combs , shoes , books , water bottles , socks
Did I miss something ?
Car keys !

The swallow on the branch
Shot up towards the sky
Reaching out to

Why doesn't  the car start ?
The cold gets into everything
Even the feet
At least the kids are warm
Now that I think about it
One is missing a glove
Two their mufflers
The traffic is now on a crawl

High above a pair of golden eagles
Majestically soar and dive
Longing to reach the sky

The dishes were in the dish washer
But it was not on
The food was in the pot
But not cooked
The ironing untouched
Clothes unwashed

Vultures can fly as high as an airplane
Geese can fly over the Himalayas
Learn to fly !

                           © Lalarukh Lasharie


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