Weirding Ways

Day 8 :
Note : mysterious and magical

                          Weirding Ways

Ozymandias lost in desert sands
Frankenstein roaming the frozen Arctic
Kubla Khan in caverns unknown to man
Obdon Gollygon in a tomb making
Spells for loss and pain , charms for love and gain
Ravens and bats her sole companion
Black cat on her left , serpent on her right
Dark shadows changing shape and chattering
Trembling maidens fair come to beg for her fare
They whisper , entreat , demand meekly dare
Promise to pay in golden coin or kind
The earth shakes , there is thunder and lightening
The tomb is overtaken with streamers of mist
Obdon Gollygon is gone forever

                           © Lalarukh Lasharie 


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