Day 4 :


The spruce sways in the breeze
tilting towards the horizon
covered in billowing clouds
The stillness , the vivid green
a contrast to the roiling blanket
I stand and feast my eyes
And time stood still
I started to sink below the clouds
greeted by the squalor and strife
of reality . I moan its loss
a sense of bereavement overtakes me
to have and than to have lost
Even the sun seemed mundane
trying to cheer me through the smog
The racket of the rushing , honking cars
the bark of the dogs joining the cacophony
litter moving helter skelter around the tyres .
The stench of leftover rancid food
invades my senses as I walk
joined by faceless strangers
going their mindless ways
People seated around teles
watching faux news and inane reruns
Neon lights blinking out the amber street bulbs
making grotesque shadows on the walls
Overflowing garbage tins
infested with roaches and rats
I feel them scuttling up my legs
crawling down my back.
I turn and make a mad dash
Up the hillside , through the clouds
searching for the verdant green
The spruce at the top
Where time stands still .

                   © Lalarukh Lasharie


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